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but you go on, and on.

shijima kuro'okano
1 January
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  • heartdissonance@livejournal.com
of course you can have my heart if you want
just cut it loose and pull it out and leave
i'm glad if you take it away from me
this stupid thing caused nothing but mischief
bird, blue black fish, ceiling cat, chewing on the enemy, creepy housepet, death death death, digging in gardens, dramatic cliffhangers, epic slasher smiles, eternal cat loli, fuuma is a pervert, fuuma's really stupid, gamebreaking hijutsu, get off my lawn, inasa's really stupid, knowing more than you, literally ceiling cat, my bff abel, my bff big boss, my bff edgeworth, naps, ninja wars, not caring about drama, not dogs, not humans, not immortality, not loneliness, not panties, not shoes, okay sometimes humans, only a flesh wound, outliving you, people are really stupid, snarky background dialogue, sunny spots, that bird's really stupid, the alya academy, trollcat, trolling all ninjas, vaguely insulting nicknames, watching everything you do, yawning during tense moments, you whippersnappers, yukimi-kun's really stupid